Wednesday, May 19, 2010

final posts

Journey: Our job was to take a journey and draw something from it. I just took a memory from my home town and a journey on the menomonie lake, both looking similar, and made them into a diptych.
final project: this was my final project. i had the most fun doing this one because it had the most artistic freedom. I found a new way to get perspective on my art.
Imitation: This was also a great project because we were to imitate, not copy, the style of our favorite artist. I chose Ralph Steadman. I think I did a pretty good job imitating his style with all the ink blots and sprays.
Final: this was another one of my final projects. i like the artistic freedom. i did a poster of my favorite artist Deadmau5 in the style of Ralph Steadman as well. I think i captured it quite well.

ordinary/extraordinary: this was our first project. i took to places from different areas and made them one. the one on the right is from the devils punch bowl, the one on the left is a place from my home town that looks similar to it so i made them into one big cave.

overall, i really liked this class a lot. i learned a lot about my style and my influences. im glad i took this class.

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