Wednesday, May 19, 2010

final posts

Journey: Our job was to take a journey and draw something from it. I just took a memory from my home town and a journey on the menomonie lake, both looking similar, and made them into a diptych.
final project: this was my final project. i had the most fun doing this one because it had the most artistic freedom. I found a new way to get perspective on my art.
Imitation: This was also a great project because we were to imitate, not copy, the style of our favorite artist. I chose Ralph Steadman. I think I did a pretty good job imitating his style with all the ink blots and sprays.
Final: this was another one of my final projects. i like the artistic freedom. i did a poster of my favorite artist Deadmau5 in the style of Ralph Steadman as well. I think i captured it quite well.

ordinary/extraordinary: this was our first project. i took to places from different areas and made them one. the one on the right is from the devils punch bowl, the one on the left is a place from my home town that looks similar to it so i made them into one big cave.

overall, i really liked this class a lot. i learned a lot about my style and my influences. im glad i took this class.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

critique of first piece

I do not have an image of my work just yet. I was a little worried going into critique because I had a few hangups with how my final was going to look. I had a lot of practice using the charcoal so I wasn't too worried about if I knew how to use the materials, more of what was going to best portray my style. I ended up discovering that if I started something, took a step back or maybe a break, and then start fresh with what I had just put on the paper, I would get the best result. It kept the piece new and interesting.

I ended up using two pieces as one mad to look like a cave; kind of as a remembrance of a place in my home town and to compare how similar The Devil's Punchbowl is to Fonferek Glen. I really had fun with this project because we were given the artistic freedom a lot of teachers dont allow. Charcoal is a really fun, albeit messy, medium to use.

I will post a picture of my piece when I get the chance.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First post

Hi, my name is Derek Knapp, age 21. I am from Green Bay, WI. I like to play guitar, skateboard, listen to music and create art in all types of medium, but i prefer drawing in pen.

I hope to gain more knowledge on the key aspects of form, shape and shading. I have a decent amount of knowledge but I am still learning. I would like to create works of art unique to a style that I create. I have yet to actually find "my style" but I am decently close.

My concentration is in Multimedia Design. Multimedia and Graphic Design routes are similar in courses and whatnot, I am just waiting to transfer majors.

I believe that Drawing III is going to take me to the next level of perspective and composition. If i work long enough I can perform most of the techniques used to make a good looking drawing, I need to work on composition mostly because sometimes I tend to rush things and that is the opposite of what I need to do. I need to take my time and work out what I think my piece should look like while sketching some ideas to gain a more finished work.

In the reading I found that her perspective on art, the mind, body and life has some similarities in my beliefs as well. You must attune your mind and soul to gain a firm grasp on reality. Then, after you achieved this oneness in yourself, you will be able to be the best that you can be. Definite Buddhist qualities to her beliefs which reflect my ideas in familiar aspects.

Haynes' description of Henri Rousseau's War brings to mind a dream I had of the end of the world where the sky was blood red and death was coming through taking all the evils souls of disgusting people. Death was half man and half woman as well except for it was a flaming sword and no torch. I found out for the first time that the word darsan means "seeing the divine image".